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Attracting customers to your Amazon pages is just the beginning. To turn those visitors into buyers, utilize Amazon A+ Content. This multimedia feature enhances your product listings with compelling visuals and detailed information, influencing buying decisions. Edex, with its comprehensive Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), guides sellers through the Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) process and trademark acquisition.

Amazon A+ Content, displayed at the bottom of product listings, is an opportunity to tell your brand story. Edex’s AMS experts optimize this space with enhanced images and quality content, emphasizing your company’s values, product quality, and manufacturing process. To make the most of A+ Content, our team integrates targeted keywords, professional logos, and comparison charts.

Navigating Amazon’s guidelines is crucial; our AMS experts ensure compliance, preventing potential account suspensions. As part of our Amazon account management, we audit your listings and assist in maximizing A+ Content efforts. Leveraging A+ Content strategically can drive increased traffic and higher conversion rates and ultimately boost sales for your business.

Elevate your Amazon presence with our EBC Design & Development services

We specialize in taking legacy Amazon sellers to new heights

We collaborate with legacy Amazon sellers utilizing Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Introduced in 2016 and later known as Amazon A+ Content in 2018, our Amazon experts thoroughly audit your current EBC text, images, and videos. We identify areas for improvement and employ proven strategies to enhance your content, aiming to boost conversions and increase sales.

If your Amazon EBC needs to deliver the desired results, we analyze it comprehensively, employing effective tactics to optimize your A+ Content and enhance your Amazon seller SEO. Our commitment ensures that your EBC aligns with the latest guidelines and requirements for branded sellers.

As part of our Amazon account management, we take proactive measures to safeguard your business against competitors who may violate rules or infringe on your copyrights by unlawfully selling your products. Our Amazon listing service system continually monitors and initiates automated removal requests to address Buy Box leeching issues. Our experts can guide you through legal actions to protect your business and brand from Amazon leech scams if necessary.

Prepare for a significant boost in your Amazon sales

Building a high-quality and memorable brand is the key to fostering long-term business success. For any Amazon seller with a strategic, long-term approach, it’s essential to establish and promote a brand. The aim is to develop a business that deeply resonates with your buyers, fostering lifelong customer loyalty, encouraging repeat sales, and ensuring sustained success.

Amazon Storefront

Showcase your small business effectively

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In 2018, Amazon introduced a platform enabling small- and medium-sized businesses to thrive on the world’s largest eCommerce search engine. Amazon Storefront is an optional, distinct section for sellers to showcase their small businesses, featuring various product categories for international-based companies. Our Amazon Storefront SEO techniques empower you to outperform your competitors.

One notable advantage of this platform is its ability to leverage sponsored brand ads, not just sponsored product ads. A key benefit is the absence of competitor displays alongside your products, ensuring a captive audience. While sponsored product ads typically boast higher conversion rates, savvy customers utilize both. We strategically promote your brand to maximize our Amazon SEO efforts and enhance the consumer user experience. Our Amazon Storefront SEO endeavours provide a direct avenue to lead potential customers to a product page brimming with your branded items.

As part of our Amazon seller consulting services, we can create and optimize your Amazon Storefront. With design flexibility, we collaborate with you to create a custom design that aligns with the quantity of your product offerings, thereby maximizing your Amazon store SEO. Our approach, integrated with Amazon listing services and seller SEO practices, aligns with your business goals to effectively highlight and display your products.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Maximize Your Exposure with Our Accelerated Programs

You can boost your profit margin by featuring your products on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) list. Earning Amazon BSR status provides significant exposure, potentially leading to increased sales.

 The Amazon Best Seller calculation relies on sales data, updated hourly to reflect recent and historical performance. However, it may only sometimes indicate how well an item compares to similar products. To address this, Amazon introduced category and subcategory best seller lists to emphasize an item’s rank within specific segments.

Our Amazon experts employ tailored strategies, including Amazon store search engine optimization, as part of Thrive’s Amazon account management. We can propel clients from obscurity to BSR Amazon status through accelerated programs within their first 30 days. While Amazon BSR status is only guaranteed for some, our Amazon seller consulting team crafts a custom strategy to enhance your Amazon store SEO, providing a better chance to surpass competitors and reach the top.



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At Edex Digital, we specialize in offering comprehensive Amazon Storefront & Branding Services to help businesses thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape. In addition to our expertise in optimizing Amazon platforms, we extend our services to encompass eBay, catering to businesses looking to expand their online presence across multiple channels. With our tailored eBay services, we assist clients in creating compelling storefronts, optimizing product listings, and implementing effective marketing strategies to maximize their reach and sales potential.

Furthermore, at Edex Digital, we understand the diverse needs of online sellers and recognize the significance of platforms like Etsy in reaching niche audiences. Alongside our Amazon and eBay services, we also provide specialized support for Etsy sellers. From enhancing storefront aesthetics to fine-tuning product descriptions and leveraging Etsy’s unique features, our dedicated team empowers businesses to showcase their products effectively and drive sustainable growth on the Etsy platform. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, trust Edex Digital to elevate your online presence across Amazon, eBay, and Etsy with our comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions.

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