Ensure brand consistency & success across multiple locations

Create a unique online environment for specific audience segments. Gain top-level visibility across locations and digital platforms. Edex Internet Marketing Agency offers Franchise SEO services to boost brand recognition and scale your business.

Enterprise SEO

Comprehensive, strategic digital marketing on a large scale.

The global franchise landscape is rapidly growing, with over 800 companies franchising internationally and 100 more joining each year. This maturation brings intense competition and specific challenges for local and international businesses. Challenges such as limited brand visibility, inadequate lead generation, lacking tools and skills, and ineffective data management strategies hinder business growth. To address these issues, entrepreneurs must adapt their marketing strategies and start by optimizing their multi-location businesses for search engines.

Reaching millions of potential customers with Marketing Opportunities in the Digital Realm

Transform Your Franchise Business with Comprehensive Franchise SEO Solutions

In a world with over 4.54 billion active internet users, the potential for your products and services to reach a vast audience is immense. Franchise SEO is your key to securing a prominent position on search engine results pages (SERPs) and ensuring your business is easily discovered by target customers worldwide. Implement a robust brand positioning strategy and boost your online presence with data-driven enterprise SEO services.

The Challenge

Franchisees often need help to receive support to thrive in the digital landscape. With a sophisticated and consistent online marketing strategy, you can stay caught up in the competition and squandering your investments and resources. Fragmented enterprise marketing approaches lead to brand inconsistency, inaccurate audience targeting, misaligned priorities, and unfocused lead generation. Make sure your multiple-location business runs smoothly.

Amplify Your Brand Presence: Unleashing the Impact of SEO for Increased Equity

Elevate Brand Visibility and Boost Conversions

Utilize the Impact of SEO with Edex Internet Marketing Agency. Enhance Customer Touchpoints to Drive Purchases. As a Reliable Enterprise SEO Company, We Bring Over 140 Global Digital Marketing Specialists to Cater to Your Multi-Location Business Needs. Please book a Consultation with Our Franchise SEO Experts for a Quick Insight into Our Efficient Processes and Execution Strategies. Explore Our Comprehensive Six-Part Franchise Marketing Guide for In-Depth Answers to Your Queries.

Enterprise SEO for Multiple-Location Businesses

Build a Strong Online Presence and Grow Your Franchise Business

Capture 93% of Online Opportunities with Edex’s Enterprise SEO Agency. Elevate Your Search Rankings for Increased Sales. Our Dedicated Franchise SEO Strategists Ensure Seamless Communication and Effective Execution of Your Franchise SEO Strategy.

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SEO Strategies for Franchise-Level Clients with Our Enterprise SEO Solutions

  • Over the years, we’ve assisted numerous franchise owners in acquiring positive online reviews, attracting new website users, generating increased monthly leads, and driving more organic traffic. Here’s how we can assist you in turning page visitors into customers:

Diverse Clientele

We collaborate with corporate and individual franchise owners across diverse niche markets at Edex. Regardless of your business type or size, we assist you in developing flexible and innovative franchise SEO strategies customized to meet your franchise marketing needs and requirements.

Data Management System: Collaborative Efficiency

At Edex, we leverage shared drives and project management systems to facilitate seamless collaboration with your company stakeholders. This creates an ideal environment for efficient teamwork between our agency and your business.

Customized Franchise SEO Strategies

We reject the one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. Our enterprise marketing agency crafts each campaign to match your unique needs and demands. Rely on our franchise marketing experts to uphold effective communication with your project managers, ensuring a personalized experience throughout.

Expertise You Can Trust

Edex boasts a team of industry experts with over 8 years of experience in digital marketing. With a profound understanding of the challenges faced by various businesses, our enterprise marketing professionals customize SEO services to align seamlessly with your unique style and individual needs.

Open Communication and Clarity

As your dedicated digital marketing partner, Edex values transparency. We keep you in the loop with regular updates on campaign developments and online activities. Before implementing any adjustments to your SEO strategy, we communicate in advance, ensuring you are well informed about the changes and the benefits they bring to your campaign.

Total Commitment to Client Success

At Edex, we go beyond the ordinary with a commitment level of 101 percent. We firmly believe that your success is our success. Our dedicated team remains at the forefront of industry trends, implementing cutting-edge, data-driven SEO processes to keep your campaign on the path to excellence.

Brand Consistency Mastery

At Edex, we take brand consistency seriously. Our team meticulously crafts branding guidelines and enforces strict company policies, extending them to your logo, page content, and images. We go the extra mile to showcase your unique brand identity, fostering consistency across all online platforms. This meticulous approach develops brand recognition and cultivates customer loyalty.

Data-Driven Insights

At Edex, we believe in transparency and accountability. Our dedicated SEO experts conduct in-depth campaign analyses, providing you with measurable results. As agreed upon, we keep you informed with regular updates, whether weekly or bi-weekly. These detailed reports encompass crucial metrics, such as your search rankings, paid and organic traffic, page visits, and overall site performance.

Specialized Franchise SEO Marketing

Localize Your Marketing Efforts & Target High-Intent Customers

Edex specializes in delivering top-notch Franchise SEO Marketing services tailored to niche markets. Our experts understand the unique challenges of various industries, ensuring a targeted approach to elevate your franchise’s online presence and success.”

Expanding Horizons: The Diverse Landscape of Franchises

“Franchises represent a significant and growing sector of the global economy. While half of the industry traditionally comprised food services, it now spans various sectors, such as healthcare, entertainment, retail, eCommerce, and various service industries.”

We work with105 Franchises across the Globe

Edex Internet Marketing Agency works with major international restoration services companies across the globe. We manage the company’s SEO campaigns for about 105 franchises.

Revitalizing Franchise Success

Facing inactive SEO strategies and lingering issues from past online campaigns, this client turned to Edex for a tailored solution. Our approach treats each franchisee as an independent business owner, offering individual strategies and solutions. We ensure brand continuity and consistency by assigning dedicated SEO strategists to each franchisee. One notable contribution is developing a custom tracking system, allowing the company to monitor revenue down to the closed sale. Empower your franchise with a comprehensive SEO strategy. Call us now to kickstart your SEO campaign and maintain full brand control.

Franchise SEO Services

Build Trust and Online Authority on Your Niche Market

Strategic Keyword Optimization for Targeted Results

Maximize your online impact and boost conversions with our Keyword Research & Strategy services. Our SEO experts leverage regional interests, identify long-tail geo-modified search terms, and establish a location prioritization framework. This data-driven approach allows us to tailor your SEO strategy, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with user behaviour and search patterns.

Local SEO

Chart a path to local success with our Local SEO services tailored for your multi-location business. We meticulously identify and optimize for pertinent local search terms, benchmarking your site against competitors. Our expertise extends to local landing page optimization, citation building, and robust conversion tracking to enhance local business visibility and performance.

Technical SEO

Experience the impact of a sturdy site architecture that commands attention. Our enterprise SEO services go beyond conventional strategies, addressing critical technical aspects to secure top rankings on search engines. We rectify faulty redirects, optimize the quality of your site images, remove irrelevant cross-links, and enhance your load speed for an all-encompassing boost to your online visibility

Social Media Marketing

Expand your customer reach and boost revenue with our expert franchise social media management. Our team crafts engaging organic social campaigns, harnesses the power of video marketing, and utilizes strategic paid advertising to grow your audience across various social channels. From initial account setup and ongoing management to vigilant campaign monitoring, we've covered your franchise's social presence.

Link Building

Boost your local presence with our link-building prowess. Our SEO specialists cultivate relevance and attract valuable links by crafting engaging content focused on local topics that resonate with your audience. Leveraging local meet-ups, neighbourhood watch websites and niche business sites, we systematically build your online footprint to elevate your local visibility.


Maximize your site traffic, leads, and revenue through our cost-effective PPC marketing services. Rely on our expertise to manage your franchise PPC campaigns, ensuring precision in tracking and measurement. Our enterprise marketing experts meticulously organize keywords into ad groups, launch targeted ads, and craft separate landing pages for each location, optimizing your PPC strategy for unprecedented success.

Content Writing

Navigate your customers seamlessly through the sales funnel with our tailored content marketing strategies. Whether it's engaging video scripts, captivating blog posts, or informative infographics, we specialize in creating powerful content that resonates with your audience. Let us assist you in revamping your website content while adhering to the unique framework of your franchise.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Experience the power of customer segmentation and enjoy enhanced multi-site flexibility and control. Our comprehensive franchise marketing services include maintaining entry page scent, A/B split testing, optimizing landing page conversions, and fine-tuning page speed. With our expert guidance, you can elevate your search engine rankings and significantly boost your conversion rates

On-Page SEO

Enhance user experience, reduce bounce rates, and increase dwell time with our powerful enterprise SEO strategies. Our experts focus on improving your site speed, fixing URL structures, refining title tags and descriptions, and optimizing site crawlability. By capturing the attention of search engine spiders, we ensure your site is not only search engine-friendly but also user-friendly, driving positive interactions and results.

Local SEO for Franchises

Extend Your Digital Presence Beyond Your Websites

Boost your online presence and direct visitors to the right places with local search optimization. Our enterprise SEO company uses local keywords, names, addresses, phone numbers, data, local citations and online reviews to enhance your visibility. This strategy ensures potential customers easily find your franchise in your desired location—partner with us for these benefits.

Build a Community of Brand Advocates with Franchise SEO

Tap into the power of local SEO for franchises, as studies indicate that 78 per cent of location-based mobile searches lead to offline purchases. Our enterprise marketing experts can help you connect with your target customers by leveraging local SEO. Here’s how we make use of it to attract nearby consumers.

Mobile SEO

Enhance your mobile presence with responsive site design and user-friendly navigation through Mobile SEO. We optimize your page content for local search, employ mobile-friendly popups, optimize for voice search, and capitalize on "near me" search terms. This approach is designed to convert visitors who may otherwise leave into valuable clients for your business.

eCommerce Marketing

Boost your presence in your specific market by reaching many motivated customers. Our services include eCommerce SEO, Amazon marketing, Shopify SEO, eCommerce advertising, and Walmart Marketplace integration, all aimed at increasing your sales and providing unparalleled convenience to your customers.

Review Management

Manage your online reputation effectively, as customers heavily rely on reviews when searching for local businesses. With 89 percent of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, our reputation management software allows you to monitor brand conversations across various online channels.

Full-Service Digital Marketing

From hyperlocal, single-location businesses to multi-location companies, we help entrepreneurs achieve real growth. We provide franchise social media management, web design, PPC marketing and various online marketing solutions. Let us know your goals, and we will help you achieve them.

Content Optimization

Improve your search engine ranking significantly, with studies indicating a potential increase of up to 435 per cent, by optimizing your webpage content and blog posts. Enhance the visibility of your local business through content marketing, where we incorporate geo-specific language, highlight landmarks, and showcase events to boost your search relevance and help potential customers find you.

Landing Page Conversion

Our landing page designs prioritize SEO and are centered around maximizing conversions. We highlight your unique selling propositions (USPs) and cater to the specific needs of your target audience. This approach enables us to attract qualified traffic to your site, ultimately increasing conversions.

Corporate SEO

Strengthen Your Marketing to Fast Track Your Goals

Is your corporate SEO strategy current and aligned with your unique needs and market trends? Many companies face challenges due to the increased scope and heightened competition in today’s business landscape. Some need help attracting potential customers, and others see a decline in brand loyalty.

Don’t let intense market competition and evolving consumer behaviour hinder your online success. Collaborate with our corporate SEO company to bridge the gaps in your corporate-level SEO plan.

Recognizing the Importance of Corporate SEO Services

For many years, corporate executives viewed corporate-level SEO as an optional marketing strategy rather than a crucial element for digital success. A common misconception prevailed, suggesting that large companies, being already established, didn’t require corporate enterprise SEO services. The question often arose: What more could corporate-level SEO contribute to enhance marketing advantages?

Contrary to this belief, corporate SEO is vital for ensuring your brand remains top of mind within your target market segments amid the continually evolving digital landscape. Research from the eCommerce Foundation indicates that around 89 percent of consumers conduct online research before engaging with a brand. With a robust corporate-level SEO strategy, revenue growth can be improved, and your digital footprint also increases.


In reality, if corporate SEO services are neglected, it can harm your company’s bottom line. Overlooking corporate enterprise SEO services is a mistake because it keeps your business at its current level of visibility. As competitors climb the ranks of search engines, gaining better brand recognition across demographics, a static digital presence becomes a significant disadvantage.

To avoid letting your online marketing efforts go to waste, it’s essential to entrust your corporate SEO and digital marketing to our experts. Discover the untapped potential of your online presence and ensure your business remains dynamic and competitive in the digital realm.

Let's Collaborate to Expand Your Business

As a growth-focused corporate SEO firm, we collaborate with various businesses to ensure their online marketing endeavours yield sustainable and profitable results. Our corporate SEO experts engage with diverse industries, conducting thorough site audits and collaborating closely with project managers to identify the most effective corporate-level SEO solutions.

Recently, a CNC router machine manufacturer in Georgia sought our corporate SEO services to enhance online visibility, generate qualified leads, and improve organic keyword rankings. In the initial three months of our corporate SEO campaign, we achieved a remarkable 32.45 percent month-over-month increase in organic traffic for the client. This success is indicative of what we can achieve for your business. Partner with our corporate enterprise SEO services and witness a substantial boost in your online revenue.

At Edex Internet Marketing Agency, we craft bespoke corporate SEO services that focus on building and preserving your company’s online reputation. Beyond enhancing lead and traffic quantity and quality, our corporate SEO experts are dedicated to winning over challenging customers for your brand.

Revitalize your corporate SEO strategy and tap into various marketing opportunities with the assistance of our corporate SEO company. Reach out to our corporate SEO firm today, and let’s kickstart the development of your corporate SEO strategy.

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