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Let’s be honest. You know what you need, but figuring out how to get it is challenging. Our SEO specialists hear this repeatedly from clients who reach out to Edex Internet Marketing Agency.


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We’ve offered SEO solutions for over eight years to help businesses enhance their online visibility, generate more leads, and increase revenue. Our proven SEO techniques have led to numerous success stories for our clients. Here are a few recent examples:

Client's Testimonials


Edex has gone above and beyond, allowing me to focus on other aspects of business development. Thrive understands the intricate needs of what we want to accomplish


Unlike some other agencies, Edex’s specialists have always been actively engaged, and there is never radio silence. It’s like they have been an extension of our team, and we could always rely on them for insight and questions


Getting found online was a big struggle for us. We went through four SEO companies before finding Edex. We quickly believed in the team and they provided full transparency. We get more bang for the buck and it’s money well-spent.

Are you currently appearing on the first page of search engine results for keywords relevant to your business or brand? If you do, you’re gaining valuable leads. Search engine optimization is not just a passing trend; it’s a crucial component that must be noticed to expand your business. It’s an essential part of any strategy to market products or services and attract more qualified leads and sales.

Our SEO Services

Boost Your Search Rankings & Enhance Online Visibility

Keyword Research & Strategy

As an SEO agency, Edex comprehends your niche and can elevate your ranking for specific search terms. Your dedicated SEO specialist will assess your website's ranking keywords, consider your keyword preferences, and conduct further research to create a strategic list tailored to your website and the competitive landscape."

Local SEO

With 65 percent of customers searching for local businesses online, enhancing your company's local SEO rankings is crucial. Benefit from Google Business Profile or Google My Business (GMB) optimization to attract high-intent customers. We optimize your GMB profile and oversee your online reputation to expand your local following.

Technical SEO

Enhancing your website's back end, including improvements to page speed, can positively impact rankings. Fixing these errors makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site. When search engines are pleased, your rankings can bring even greater satisfaction

Franchise SEO

Elevate your franchise marketing endeavors with Edex's SEO services tailored for multi-location businesses. We create geo-specific content, harness Nextdoor advertising, and design custom websites. Edex is the SEO firm that maximizes brand impact, driving increased leads and sales.

Link Building

Backlinks are crucial in achieving higher search rankings, but it's not just about any link! That's why it's essential to collaborate with an SEO company like Edex, which has a specialized link-building team and established connections with numerous high-quality and relevant websites.

Shopify SEO

Boost your online store's digital presence and broaden your market reach. Our SEO experts provide 24/7 customer support for your urgent needs and concerns. We offer a Shopify SEO audit, Shopify web design, paid advertising, and review response publishing services to optimize your customers' Shopify experience.

On-Page SEO

Improve your online visibility and attract high-quality traffic. At Edex, we align our SEO services with search engines' best practices to enhance your website's trustworthiness. Our SEO experts create unique, value-rich content, optimize headlines and HTML tags, and incorporate high-resolution images.

Off-Page SEO

Establishing brand credibility and boosting online exposure is crucial through off-page optimization. Collaborate with our SEO company, and we'll assist you in showcasing your industry expertise. We utilize social media marketing, link building, and influencer marketing to generate qualified links and positive ratings.

Content Writing

Our team of writers crafts SEO-friendly content for your website, producing share-worthy blog posts or optimizing existing service and product pages with additional content. Search engines favour websites that regularly add new content. Choose our SEO firm to meet your content needs and enhance your search marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Boost your customers' lifetime value and elevate online revenue with Edex's CRO services. Our SEO marketing company seamlessly integrates pay-per-click marketing with our SEO services to optimize conversion opportunities. We conduct website analyses, landing page optimization, and A/B split testing.

Amazon SEO

Stand out on Amazon and reach millions of ready-to-convert customers. We optimize your Amazon product listings, enhance ad placements, and implement goal-oriented Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) SEO solutions to promote your products to the right customers effectively.

E-Commerce SEO

Enhance your customers' shopping experience 24/7 and boost client retention rates. We initiate targeted email marketing campaigns and optimize your site for mobile and voice searches for personalized brand experiences. Additionally, we provide Walmart Marketplace integrations to amplify your sales volume.

Experience Matters

With over 8 years of expertise, Edex has assisted businesses across industries in expanding their online presence to boost revenue. Our experience and numerous client success stories make us a reliable choice for businesses of any size, aiming to enhance online traffic and generate more leads. Our SEO experts have been industry leaders for over a decade, and our collaborative team ensures that everyone pitches in to address any challenges.

Dedicated SEO Professionals

Our role is simplifying the technical and sometimes overwhelming process of search engine optimization for our clients. We can achieve this by assigning each client a single point of contact to manage their project. This allows you to build a strong relationship with your Edex SEO professional, ensuring they understand your business and unique needs

Relationships & Results

We uphold our two fundamental core values at Edex: Relationships and Results. Our commitment to every client is our cornerstone. With SEO experts dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large national franchises, we aim for exponential growth. Our search engine optimization company believes in championing the voice of our clients, and we work diligently every day to demonstrate it

We're Always Improving

SEO is dynamic, and so are we. With multiple Google algorithm updates each year affecting ranking factors, we stay abreast of the latest news and trends. Our search engine optimization company continuously learns new techniques and stays up-to-date to stay ahead of the curve. Rest assured, our SEO company is proactive, not reactive.yy

We Play Fair

Honesty and integrity are paramount in all our endeavours. We adhere to fair play, utilizing white hat SEO to achieve results without spamming or manipulating the system, which could result in potential Google penalties. Simply, we don't need to cheat to succeed in SEO. As a Google Partner, we abide by the rules, ensuring the safety of your business. Our commitment to integrity is unwavering

Transparent Reporting

We uphold our two fundamental core values at Edex: Relationships and Results. Our commitment to every client is our cornerstone. With SEO experts dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large national franchises, we aim for exponential growth. Our search engine optimization company believes in championing the voice of our clients, and we work diligently every day to demonstrate it

Edex's Agile SEO Methodology

Initiate Your Journey to Digital Success

The search landscape is continually changing. Achieving high rankings on search engines requires investing in tailored SEO services that cater to your business needs, demands, and target audience. More than relying solely on outdated SEO tactics is required for maintaining a strong online presence. Partnering with a trustworthy SEO company that can elevate your digital marketing efforts is essential.

Edex Internet Marketing Agency is a client-centric SEO company. Our SEO experts collaborate closely with clients to formulate personalized strategies that drive long-term profitability. We consistently deliver high-quality and measurable results through a proven, efficient methodology.

Our SEO company employs the ‘Agile SEO’ methodology, creating a robust campaign framework that adds significant value to your business. Edex’s Agile SEO approach revolves around the following processes:








What Is Email Marketing?

Build a Loyal Community Around Your Brand

Every business owner desires better returns on investment and improved profit margins. SEO is a cost-effective solution, acting like a dedicated employee who never takes breaks, calls in sick, or goes on vacation. SEO works tirelessly around the clock, driving customers to your website and showcasing your products, services, and brand.

Our refined SEO strategy has proven successful for our clients and contributed to our business growth. Edex has experienced remarkable expansion, earning a spot on the Inc.

We don’t just preach SEO; we live by it. It’s the backbone of our business, providing optimal results in organic search. Consider this: How did you find this page? Likely through a Google search. You’re a testament to SEO working for us. Now, let it work for your business.

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Elevate your website's technical SEO with Edex.

Web Design FAQs

On-page SEO involves optimizing individual web pages to improve their search engine rankings and attract organic traffic. This includes optimizing content, meta tags, headings, and internal linking structure. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, focuses on external factors such as backlinks, social signals, and online reputation management. Both on-page and off-page SEO are crucial for enhancing website visibility, authority, and relevance, ultimately driving higher rankings and organic traffic from search engines.

Technical SEO involves optimizing the technical aspects of a website to improve its crawlability, indexability, and overall search engine visibility. This includes optimizing site speed, mobile responsiveness, URL structure, canonicalization, XML sitemaps, robots.txt file, and resolving crawl errors. By ensuring that your website meets search engine guidelines and technical best practices, technical SEO enhances user experience, facilitates better indexing and ranking, and lays a strong foundation for organic search success.

Franchise SEO focuses on optimizing the online presence of multi-location businesses with multiple franchise locations. It involves implementing strategies that maintain brand consistency across all franchise websites while also catering to local search intent and geographical targeting. Franchise SEO strategies may include local citation management, location-specific landing pages, Google My Business optimization, and review management to enhance visibility and drive foot traffic to individual franchise locations.

Local SEO is a specialized form of search engine optimization that focuses on improving a business's visibility in local search results. It involves optimizing business listings, citations, and Google My Business profiles, as well as generating positive reviews and building local backlinks. Local SEO is crucial for brick-and-mortar businesses, service providers, and franchises looking to attract customers within specific geographic areas. It helps businesses rank higher in local search queries, increase online and foot traffic, and gain a competitive edge in their target markets.

Off-page SEO encompasses activities conducted outside of a website to improve its search engine rankings and authority. Our approach to off-page SEO involves ethical link building practices, content marketing, influencer outreach, social media engagement, and online PR efforts. We focus on acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites relevant to your industry niche, utilizing diverse anchor texts and natural link acquisition methods. By building a robust backlink profile, we enhance your website's authority, credibility, and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines, driving higher rankings and organic traffic over time.