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Creating Tailored Advertising Campaigns to Boost Sales & Ease Your Concerns

Amazon Sponsored Products Management

Utilizing Strategic Advertising for Enhanced Amazon Profitability

Before committing your hard-earned funds to Amazon advertising, it’s crucial to recognize the intricacies involved. Specifically, Amazon-sponsored product advertising demands a well-crafted strategy for optimal execution.

Numerous clients have turned to Thrive for its Amazon PPC services after attempting to navigate the process independently. Unfortunately, many found themselves spending significant amounts with minimal return on investment.

Here’s how our Amazon PPC agency eliminates the guesswork:

– We assist you in setting achievable goals.

– We formulate a transparent strategy tailored to your unique business requirements.

– From the start, our focus is on maximizing your ROI and minimizing your advertising cost of sales (ACoS).

What Are Amazon Sponsored Products Ads?

After assisting your business with crucial steps like keyword research, Amazon listing optimization, brand registration, and trademark filing, the next phase is advertising. Sponsored Products, a cost-per-click (CPC) option on Amazon, ensures you only incur costs when a shopper clicks on your ad. You retain control over expenditures by setting budgets and determining bid amounts per click.

Amazon Sponsored Products ads strategically appear on the first page of search results and product pages, placing you in direct competition with rivals. The significance of well-optimized product descriptions, images, and a sound pricing strategy becomes apparent in this competitive landscape.

Our Amazon Sponsored Products management encompasses both automatic and manual ad campaigns, incorporating keyword-based ads and product attribution targets. The initial stage involves setting up an automatic sponsored ad campaign, utilizing its results to fine-tune a manual ad campaign. Keyword-based sponsored ads encompass broad matches, exact matches, and phrase matching. Precision is crucial, and we leverage our expertise, tools, and proven strategies to ensure optimal return on investment (ROI).

How we Keep You Updated

As an integral component of our Amazon marketing agency plan, we furnish you with a comprehensive overview of the meticulous execution of your successful advertising campaign on both a weekly and monthly basis. Our approach involves setting month-to-month growth percentage goals and providing detailed explanations of our strategy at each juncture. We implement strategic adjustments every month, optimising return on investment (ROI). Regular updates are facilitated through weekly and monthly reports delivered directly to you.

The aftermath of a successful Amazon Sponsored Products campaign is pivotal for any flourishing Amazon seller. Ultimately, it is one of the most critical factors determining your prosperity on the Amazon platform.


Amazon Sponsored Brands Management

Elevate Your Amazon Advertising to the Next Level

Once your presence is established on Amazon, our Amazon advertising services progressively enhance your brand promotion. Amazon Sponsored Brands play a key role in expanding your brand awareness through ads featured in search results. With customizable messaging, including your brand logo, you can present your products exactly as you envision.

These ads strategically showcase your products without direct competition, emphasizing brand promotion. While sponsored product ads mark phase two in your Amazon strategy, sponsored brand ads constitute phase three. The timing and execution of Amazon-sponsored brand ads can transform a one-time customer into a lifelong consumer of your products.

It may be advisable for new Amazon entrants before incorporating sponsored brand ads. However, as time progresses, leveraging Amazon branded advertising, especially before the holidays, becomes essential to familiarize customers with your offerings and foster product loyalty.

Our team of Amazon PPC experts assists both new and existing customers set realistic expectations for their Amazon advertising campaigns. In our Amazon PPC management, we devise strategic marketing plans tailored to your goals. Throughout the execution, we fine-tune strategies based on data and analytics to meet or surpass your expectations. We collaborate closely with you to ensure alignment with your unique business needs.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Our PPC and Social Media Specialists Enhance Your Marketing Budget

At Edex, we go beyond assisting with internal Amazon advertising options, extending our expertise to external alternatives such as Amazon product display ads. As part of our Amazon PPC agency offerings, we collaborate with e-commerce clients to establish advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Bing, YouTube, and various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Edex boasts a team of numerous PPC advertising experts and social media advertising specialists who specialize in crafting effective campaigns. Working closely with our Amazon team of experts, they ensure the creation of impactful ads that yield maximum conversions and return on investment.

Our capabilities extend to running coupon ads and opt-in campaigns, offering percentages off to boost Amazon sales. Proficient in utilizing Facebook Messenger ads, we recognize their growing popularity for initiating message-based conversations, which are considered more personal and result in higher conversion rates. As part of our Amazon PPC management, we also assist in setting up and executing email campaigns, enhancing customer value through post-sale processes.

We collaborate with you to establish a marketing budget that optimally allocates resources for both internal and external advertising options. While driving sales to Amazon is profitable, our extensive experience at Thrive ensures high ROI and low ACoS in the broader landscape of online product and service sales.

Additionally, inquire about the new Amazon Attribution model, enabling brands to measure the impact of display ads, search, and video channels based on consumer discovery, research, and purchase behaviours. We help you leverage sales impact analysis across non-Amazon channels, aiding in identifying lead origins and adjusting your advertising budget accordingly. With the introduction of Amazon Attribution and the Brand Referral Bonus Program, exclusive to Amazon Brand Registered sellers, off-channel tactics become even more crucial. Professional Sellers on Amazon can now assess the effectiveness of off-channel ad placements and recover part of their ad spend through referral fees, providing a significant advantage in maximizing your marketing budget.


Amazon Video Ads

Captivate Mobile Buyers for Increased Engagement and Sales

For a thriving e-commerce business, it’s imperative to capture the attention of mobile users. A robust digital marketing strategy should encompass methods to connect with individuals scrolling through web pages on their mobile devices. Nothing proves more compelling than video ads to engage mobile buyers, especially a younger audience, effectively.

Our Amazon marketing agency specializes in identifying your target audience and demonstrating how video ads can yield the highest return on investment (ROI). Collaborating with you, we devise impactful video ads and determine the most enticing offers to drive viewers from videos to sales on Amazon.

Our team of Amazon experts streamlines the process, saving you time, costs, and frustration by enhancing the quality of your product photographs and complementary lifestyle images. Product photography can be a bottleneck, but we recommend external vendors promptly deliver high-resolution, optimized images. We understand the criteria for making your pictures stand out to all Amazon buyers.

With in-house videographers, we generate content and handle the entire production process, from shooting to editing, ensuring your videos can be utilized on Amazon. Our Amazon PPC management team can also create high-quality YouTube videos, serving as practical tools for Amazon sales.

Upon completing the Amazon brand registry, leverage Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, commonly known as A+ content. This feature incorporates the use of high-quality images and videos. We assist in optimizing your product descriptions to enhance your brand presentation further.

Amazon Vendor Central Management

Elevate Your Bulk Sales with a Powerful Amazon Advertising Campaign

As a seasoned Amazon PPC agency, we extend our expertise to clients looking to wholesale their products to Amazon. If you aspire to become a first-party seller acting as a bulk supplier to Amazon, leverage our Amazon marketing agency’s resources and tools to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Our team crafts a targeted Amazon advertising campaign to boost your bulk product sales. We also guide the fees associated with being an Amazon Vendor Central customer and offer insights on navigating minimum advertised price (MAP) contracts. Through personalized consultations, we assist sellers in understanding the Amazon Vendor Central environment, encompassing the actual cost of goods sold, accurate marketing costs, and authentic MAP contract relationships. Thrive takes the initiative to monitor and enforce the MAP policy on Amazon.

Explore our awards and recognitions and embark on the journey to grow your Amazon business with a trusted Amazon marketing agency delivering proven results.