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Sustainable eCommerce SEO Goes Mainstream

The line between regular shopping and online shopping needs to be more precise. Research shows that 64 percent of shopping starts online. This means whether people buy online or in a store, their online experience affects if they choose your brand.


Online shopping has changed how people shop worldwide. Many traditional stores closed because of this. In July 2022 alone, over 7,069 stores closed in the U.S. and many parts of the world. If this keeps up, suburban malls might not be popular anymore.

Where does your business fit in with more people using digital platforms for their needs?

Attract New Customers Through eCommerce SEO

Because of the internet and new technology, what people want is changing fast. People like to buy things quickly and easily, especially when busy. Research says about 1.1 billion people worldwide shop online.

Online shopping is much easier than going to regular stores. That’s why many stores and businesses need eCommerce SEO services to keep up.

Expand Your Market Reach with Edex Digital eCommerce SEO

Businesses are using eCommerce SEO more and more as digital platforms become common. In 2022, global eCommerce sales were over 3.5 billion U.S. dollars. They’re expected to reach 6.4 trillion U.S. dollars soon. Many regular stores and big chains are going online to keep up with what customers want. Stores like Walmart Marketplace, IKEA, and Walgreens Boots Alliance are joining Amazon and eBay. This shows how important eCommerce SEO is for businesses worldwide. Stay caught up. Start investing in eCommerce SEO today to stay ahead in the global market.

Custom eCommerce SEO

Boost Your Brand Visibility and Improve Customer Experience The world market is busy and competitive. To keep up, you need to market your business from all angles. eCommerce marketing is a great way for stores and organizations to reach their target customers and make more money. It’s also one of the fastest ways to inform people about your brand. Experts say that by 2040, most purchases will be online. Get your products and services out there with the help of a reliable eCommerce SEO company. eCommerce SEO makes your customers’ experience better and helps your business grow.

eCommerce Marketing Services

Increase Customer Loyalty and Improve Your Conversion Rate

Keyword Research & Strategy

Our eCommerce SEO experts find the best keywords to help more people find your website. We look at what your customers and competitors are doing to choose the right keywords. Our team also uses tools to see how many people search for these keywords and how hard they are to rank for.

Local SEO

We help your products show up in front of the people you want to reach with our local eCommerce SEO services. We take care of everything to make your website show up better on Google, manage your online reputation, and get mentioned in local listings. Let Edex Digital help you get more people to visit your online store.

Technical SEO

Make your website easier to use with eCommerce SEO. We follow Google's rules to ensure your site is set up correctly. Our experts add special code, fix any technical problems, make your site load faster, and work well on mobile phones. We also make your product pages better.

eCommerce PPC

Get in front of the people you want to reach and get more customers fast. Our eCommerce SEO ads bring people to your online store and turn them into buyers. We find the best keywords, make unique pages for your ads, and create ads that show why people should buy from you.

Content Writing

Get more customers with the right words on your website. At Edex, our writers know how to write for online stores in different industries. We write product pages, reviews, and posts for SEO and social media.

eCommerce Web Design

Edex works with Shopify. This means we get special deals on tools to make your online store better. We keep up with the latest trends to improve your site. We make your site easy to use, clean up its appearance, use good pictures, and show your trust badges.

Email Marketing Automation

We help you drive more sales and acquire more repeat customers through email marketing automation. As a reputable eCommerce SEO company, we create personalized emails based on consumer interests and purchases. Our SEO specialists create responsive, well-designed emails, test your email marketing campaigns and keep in touch with your loyal customers.

Walmart Marketplace Integration

Position your products in front of a larger audience at Walmart Marketplace. Our Walmart Marketplace optimization services include account setup and optimization, online review management, content optimization and analytics reporting. Partner with us and get help from eCommerce SEO experts.

Amazon Marketing Services

Drive more traffic and more sales to your eCommerce business through Amazon marketing. At Edex Digital, we optimize your Amazon product pages, launch pay-per-click management campaigns and implement data-driven marketing strategies. This way, we help you establish and solidify your brand presence on Amazon.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We look at how well your marketing is doing by checking essential numbers. Our team studies searches, checks your website carefully, and tests different versions to see what works best. This helps us suggest ways to make more people buy from you.

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